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‘Sex and the City 2’: Listen to the new single from Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis

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Cynthia Nixon on going topless, her ‘butch’ partner


When Cynthia Nixon goes nude, it’s not for political reasons or to make a big statement.

The “Sex and the City 2” star opened up in the June/July issue of The Advocate about her big-screen nude scene in the original film, confirming that going topless didn’t have anything to do with her struggle with breast cancer.

“They didn’t know about it at the time,” Nixon says. “Generally, my thoughts are, if they ask me to do [a nude scene], I’ll do one. I mean, I won’t do [just] anything, but I feel like if [director/producer] Michael Patrick [King] wants me to do it, there’s a reason he wants me to do it. (more…)

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