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If you need to know any A-list events in NYC -look no further!  Elisa (www.WillingToBeLucky.net) scored us prime seats for the New York Premiere of Adrian Grenier’s film “Teenage Paparazzo”.  This documentary speaks to our celeb-loving culture!  Why are people fascinated by celebrity?  What do celebs think?  It’s a great look on a culture that is fascinated by the lives of the famous (and sometimes not so talented!)


Adrian Grenier's "Teenage Paparazzo" NYC Premiere - Click for More Pictures!

Adrian Grenier's "Teenage Paparazzo" NYC Premiere - Click for More Pictures!

As the press release states:
Teenage Paparazzo documents the unexpected relationship between 14-year –old cameraman Austin Visschedyk and Entourage star Adrian Grenier. Inspired by a chance encounter outside of a club one night, Adrian decides to turn the cameras on the paparazzi for a change.

But what begins as an honest effort to document Austin’s world quickly turns personal when Adrian is forced to take responsibility for his influence on the boy’s life. As Austin succumbs to the lure of fame, Adrian struggles to understand what makes it so alluring and seeks to develop something more authentic than the relationship of mutual exploitation that now exists between them.

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