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0. Corbin Bleu – as Usnavi in In The Heights

His face may be plastered all over teenage girls’ walls and little kid lunch boxes, but Corbin Bleu was an unlikely replacement for a lead role in a Broadway show. Or at least, that’s what everyone thought. Most people doubted Lin-Manuel Miranda’s choice to let the High School Musical star take over the role he received a Tony nomination for. Many said that they didn’t believe Bleu would have the chops and be able to hold his own on stage. They called it and blatant stunt cast and said it would fail. How wrong they were. Mister Miranda stuck up for his choice and let Corbin’s performance speak for itself. Over the last few months, Corbin Bleu has won over not only Broadway fans in general, but some of the most die-hard In The Heights fans as well. Although he’s a very handsome fellow, he seems to play the geeky, self-conscious Usnavi very well. We know from seeing him on t.v. and the big screen that the guy can dance, but you’d never know it when you see him pull on that cap and play the lead role in his show. As Lin said, he raps the heck out of the part and sings the musical lines better than we could have hoped.


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