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Beyonce Knowles

First we find out Beyoncé‘s not pregnant, now her infamous music videos are on lockdown?!

By the looks of the Grammy-winning, multihyphenate’s YouTube page, Sony has blocked all of B’s music videos and replaced them with this message: “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

The action comes on the heels of a copyright infringement issue involving Beyoncé’s label, and as techie website Motherboard points out, no doubt stems from the floundering record industry and their desire to have a piece of the online video biz.

No word yet on when those pieces of art Beyoncé calls music videos—you know you love “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”!— will be live on the web once more. We’re just hoping more of our faves don’t start vanishing from YouTube, too.

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