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‘Sex And The City 2’: Find Out Why The Girls Head To The Middle East!

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With only a few weeks left before the big premiere of “Sex and the City 2”, details about the up-to-date doings of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are starting to emerge — and today, the new is all about location, location, location! Sarah Jessica Parkerconfirmed in a new interview with the APsomething we all have known since last year: that the “SATC” sequel will find the famous group traveling far East to spend some time in Abu Dhabi.

What we didn’t know until now, however, is what the heck takes them so far from the confines of New York City? According to the article, it’sKim Cattrall‘s Samantha Jones who packs her pals up to take then overseas where ex Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis) is shooting a movie.

We wonder, though, how the four actresses really got along during filming on location — the first “SATC” movie premiered amid whispers of conflict and catfighting on the set. SJP told the AP that eight weeks of living and working together (without the company of husbands, boyfriends or family to provide a distraction) helped bring them all closer. “It is the most fun and the hardest we’ve ever worked together.”

The movie promises equal parts culture clash and relationship crazies, with the miniskirt-and-stiletto-wearing fashionistas butting heads with local cultural standards for women’s dress (“How do you sort of live up to the idea of fashion being a component of this particular franchise and be in a culture that requires you to be covered, and how to be sexy or lack a sort of chaste quality?” SJP mused), and Carrie running into (gasp!) her own ex, Aidan (John Corbett).

“We bump into each other halfway around the world?” the actress noted to the AP. “That means something.”

No word on whether we’ll see a reprise of Ms. Bradshaw’s previous pinballing between good-guy Aidan and baaaaad Mister Big (is it wrong that we’re rooting for a little Aidan action?), but we’re expecting to see some desert romance and a designer hijab or two before the film is through! And of course, knowing Samantha, at least one icky instance of sand in… er, uncomfortable places.

What do you think of seeing the “Sex and the City” ladies in the Middle East?

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Christian Louboutin isn’t excited about Sex and The City 2

from http://www.shinystyle.tv/:

SATC 2 Halston.jpg

With the Sex and The City 2 film looming in the not so far distance, we’re getting ready for backstage gossip, promotions and of course lots of pictures of the girls.

However one person doesn’t seem so excited by all the drama surrounding the film and that’s one of our favourite shoe designers Christian Louboutin.

Following a bust up with Manolo Blahnik, the designer associated with the Sex and The City girl’s footwear, producers decided to enlist Louboutin’s creations for the next film.

Any other designer would be over the moon at the thought of this, but Louboutin doesn’t seem to fussed. (more…)

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Sam Worthington: ‘Sex And The City 3-D Is An Awesome Idea!’


  • Sam Worthington, recipient of the Male Star of the Year Award, arrives at the ShoWest awards ceremony at the Paris Las Vegas during ShoWest in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 18, 2010

By Eric Anderson


Sam Worthington has gone to battle with the Navi in “Avatar” and taken on the gods in “Clash of the Titans” — but is the Aussie action superstar ready for his fiercest opponent yet – Carrie Bradshaw and the Fab Four?

When Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker and the “Sex and The City” gals in Las Vegas for ShoWest 2010 last week, the girls joked their new movie had added a few exciting new twists to compete with the other blockbusters.

“[It’s] 3-D!” Sarah Jessica told Billy. “It has a lot to do with battles…”

“And there’s a serpent that rises from the water,” Kristin Davis added.

“And Sam Worthington is in it!” SJP concluded. (more…)

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Easter with Sex and The City Hotspots: Fabulous “Rabbit” Giveaway

olt.jpegEaster weekend will be all fun and games with On Location Tours’ Sex and the City Hotspots Tour.  Earn fabulous Easter egg prizes along the way by knowing your Sex and the City trivia.   (more…)

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Sex in Las Vegas: Where Was Kim Cattrall?

from http://www.eonline.com/:
Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis

Just because Kim Cattrall wasn’t in Las Vegas last night with Sarah Jessica ParkerKristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon does not mean she is persona non grata. (more…)

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ShoWest: Sex And The City 2 Plot Details Revealed

Special Thanks to Elisa S for this

from http://www.cinemablend.com/

ShoWest: Sex And The City 2 Plot Details RevealedA lot of exciting new films showed some of their first- ever footage during this afternoon’s Warner Bros. panel, but one of the ones revealing the most was Sex and the City 2, which is still tightly under wraps even though it hits theaters in just two months.Director Michael Patrick King and stars Sarah JessicaParker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all took the stage to introduce a new trailer for the film, which– at last!– revealed some actual plot. A lot of the rumors we’ve heard were true, but there were a lot of new wrinkles too. Here are the highlights: (more…)

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Neal B. with ArtofTalk.tv at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards – New York 2010

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ArtofTalk.TV sent me and Elisa to cover the FANTASTIC GLAAD Media Awards in New York City!  The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations in the LGBTQ community.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ELISA S. for editing this FANTASTIC VIDEOS!!  More to come shortly!

The ArtofTalk.tv Crew

The ArtofTalk.tv Crew

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SJP nails hot new accessory at the Oscars

from http://www.hellomagazine.com:

She launched a thousand trends as queen of Sex And The City and Sarah Jessica Parker is still at it.

At the Oscars, the super stylish actress discreetly showed off the new Chanel body transfers, which look set to be as hot as any of the brand’s limited-release nail polishes.
Just above a jangle of bangles – another new trend that’s being nailed by celebrities State-side – Sarah wore a delicate decoration, forming a chain of pearls around the skin on her wrist.

It’s one of Chanel’s Les Tromp L’Oeil – so much more than a tattoo, it’s a “trick of the eye”, giving the impression that the decoration may be real instead of a simple transfer.

And you can synch SJP’s ink, too, as there are 55 designs in the range depicting flowers, beads, bangles and, of course, the famous logo, which have just been launched exclusively at Selfridges from this month, priced at £49.

Be prepared to hang on, though: as with so many of Chanel’s beauty launches now, there’s a waiting list.

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from: http://artoftalk.tv/

Neal B. Joins ArtofTalk.tv as Web Video Entertainment & Events Correspondent

NEW YORK, March 3 – Blogger, on-air correspondent and New York City man-about-town Neal B. joins ArtofTalk.tv as their Web-Video Entertainment & Events Correspondent.

neal bNeal B. (of “Neal B. in NYC” @nealbinnyc) is no stranger to covering entertainment in front of the camera. As a tv personality, host and actor who has appeared on tv, radio and in newspapers as an expert in covering events and celebrity interviews, Neal B. brings a wealth of experience to ArtofTalk.tv and a big personality that is sure to build upon his fast-growing internet fan-base.

Says Neal B. of his background: “I am a testament that things do happen for a reason. I was born in Colombia, South America. When I was merely a baby I was adopted by the two most generous and amazing people. I have lived in the New York City area for my entire life. I have taken advantage of the culture and I love soaking in all the arts and city life!”

It is this love of life, people and New York City that drew ArtofTalk.tv to Neal B.. His positive, fun outlook on entertainment and life is exactly what Neal B. plans on sharing with the ArtofTalk.tv audience on a its new talk show on-the-go (“Chat Stat”). Neal B. will cover celebrity interviews at red carpet events, coverage of special talk show tapings and live music performances, hot-spots and undiscovered gems of New York and the people who frequent them and get average-joe opinions from people on the streets about hot talk show topics including entertainment and politics. In addition to his up-to-the-minute video coverage, ArtofTalk.tv will also feature regular blog posts by Neal B. on what’s new, what’s relevant and what’s to come.

Says Charlie Oliver (Founder and Managing Editor at ArtofTalk.tv), “Neal B. is that rare mix of enthusiasm, raw creativity and a winning personality that naturally draws people to him – all of that, coupled with a megawatt smile and we have a winning formula! We are thrilled to be working with Neal B. and look forward to his contributions and energy. I have no doubt that ArtofTalk.tv fans will adore him!”

Media Contact: Jennifer@artoftalk.tv

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