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Roger Ebert

You can’t keep a good thumb down.

A day after the syndicated TV stalwart At the Movies was officially canceled, Pulitzer winner Roger Ebert wrote on his blog that he and his wife are working on getting a new film-review show off the ground.

“We believe a market still exists for a weekly show where a couple of critics review new movies,” wrote the longtime Chicago Sun-Times critic, who left the show in 2006 after surgery for thyroid cancer left him unable to speak.

In truth, At the Movies popularity had been dwindling since the death of Ebert’s original partner in criticism, Gene Siskel, in 1999. Ebert & Roeper never had quite the same ring, and then the show went on with a series of guest hosts after Ebert bowed out. After Richard Roeper finally left in 2008, the teaming of Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons was a disaster, and A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips didn’t do much better.

Ebert, who appeared on Oprah recently to demonstrate the Steven Hawking-style computer he uses to carry on conversations, and his wife would serve as a producers on the new show. While he wouldn’t regularly appear on camera, he writes, “the thumbs will return.”

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From Eonline.com:

Oprah Winfrey says it’s the “exact right time” to say goodbye.

In a Very Special episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show airing today, Winfrey confirms plans to pull the plug on her namesake program on Sept. 9, 2011. (more…)

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From Gossip.com (and every other news source!)
Oprah Winfrey

Hard to imagine a world without The Oprah Winfrey Show on weekday afternoons.

But that’s exactly what the world’s going to be like after Sept. 9, 2011, which will mark the end of Winfrey’s 25th season as host of her eponymous daytime talk show—and her last show altogether.
We can just hear the Rolodexes twirling as the folks at Harpo Productions start lining up celebrities to tape “goodbye, Oprah” messages.

“Yes, it’s true that she will be ending her show in September 2011,” a rep for Harpo tells E! News. “She will be speaking about it on tomorrow’s live show.”

Where will the big shots share, cry and couch-jump now? How will mere mortals get free cars?!

Deadline Hollywood first reported last week that Winfrey was gearing up to wind down in order to focus on the launch of her cable network, OWN (i.e. The Oprah Winfrey Network)—and it’s possible she could reestablish herself as everybody’s favorite small-screen couch companion over there.

More details will be coming tomorrow from the woman herself.

The first syndicated episode of Winfrey’s Chicago-based show premiered in 1986, and she’s been on the air ever since.

You think she’s been successful? Aside from the whole billionaire thing, in 1999 Winfrey took her show out of the running for the top talk show categories at the Daytime Emmys after the TV Academy presented her with a lifetime achievement award.

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What a movie! Form the acting to set design everything is authentic in telling this story.  As a teacher I found this movie highly beautiful.  This is a movie I don’t think a lot of America was ready for and I’m glad.  You come out of there with so many emotions, really, truly knowing

everyone has a story to be told.

everyone needs love…

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What a sad story and this woman’s courage!  I give her so much credit
From http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/


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