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People call it Ragtime…Ragtime… (Videos)

On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, I was lucky enough to see cast members of Ragtime performing for
SIRIUS|XM’s SETH RUDETSKY’S LIVE ON BROADWAY radio show!  It’s a shame a beautiful show like this is closing so fast!

Features the stars of RAGTIME: Christinane Noll, Quentin Earl Darrington and Stephanie Umoh


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On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, I was lucky enough to see cast members of Ragtime performing for
SIRIUS|XM’s SETH RUDETSKY’S LIVE ON BROADWAY radio show!  It’s a shame a beautiful show like this is closing so fast!

Click the picture below to see the full set!

Click picture to see more!

Click picture to see more!

Features the stars of RAGTIME: Christinane Noll, Quentin Earl Darrington and Stephanie Umoh

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Say Goodbye to Music: Broadway’s Ragtime Will Close Jan. 3, 2010

According to Playbill.com:

The cast of Ragtime

The era of Ragtime has run out. The critically acclaimed new staging of the 1998 Tony Award winner will close Jan. 3, 2010, at the Neil Simon Theatre after 28 previews and 57 regular performances. (more…)

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Don’t you just LOVE IT!



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Please know you have profoundly helped me grow to who I am today (I hope that’s not a bad thing!). I apologize off the bat for the bad grammar. This is a very stream of consciousness letter. I am thankful for so many people this is going to sound like an acceptance speech. If only I had an award to go with it!For some reason, I feel more thankful than ever. Going through a transformation of sorts puts everything in perspective. When I lost my job this past June, I would have never guessed I would have felt more alive and have met some of the most amazing people. I never dreamed I would be on television/radio and also have a blog, which has had to date over 15,000 hits. I am grateful for EVERYONE who visits day after day!

Thank you for following the journey.

If I could tell you one thing –change the world. Go out and make a difference. Stand up for what you believe in. Change someone’s life. We all have amazing stories to tell. Share them.

My blog wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without a few people. My publicist, George, whose idea it was to really go forward and create the blog. He always has a way of staying positive. A special thanks to ALL the people I have interviewed thus far: the wonderful Marti C., single-licious Melissa B, exceptional Jerry Mitchell, incredible forced to be reckoned with Frenchie Davis, life changing activities Ryan Janek Wolowski and Randy Wicker, and uber talents Richard and Dana. Elisa, Will, Angelo and Renee thank you for one point or another for being my camera bitch! There are many more people, so I apologize if I have forgotten you.

Liz S, you are an amazing woman who constantly gives me the chance to do what I love! You always astound me by the types of events you have me cover. Thank you for taking a chance with me!
Julie H. you have such an amazing heart. I never thought in a million years I would be on the Pat Field website! You have really made my year. You see things in me that I have overlooked. I can’t thank you enough for the dream come true it has been and will keep continuing!
Meagan H. – WE WILL GET KATHY!! You are such a joy to know and you never make my crazy idea is well…crazy! You are a great visionary at what you do!

My family has always been my rock. A special shout out to my relatives in PA, who are not only amazing, but I am so blessed to have reconnected with them on Facebook. Though sometimes we seem miles apart, BENNINGTONS know we are NEVER that far. Thanks guys for all the kick ass support!

My other “family” -my friends who have seen my light and my dark, I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to see each of you grow and become individuals who make me proud in the way you contribute and choices you make. Each of you has such a special gift. I truly love you all and you have been a place to look for advice, support and unconditional love. You have no clue how much I value all of you (though sometimes my sarcasm may make it seem otherwise)

My Old Tappan friends, it’s been a while but let me know when you’re around the NYC/NJ area. For me to see us all grown up seems a little freaky! It was only yesterday we were singing to Mr. Boscia’s music, seeing Mr. Rossi throw a desk, cutting class, going to the prom. Now some of you have your own families. Keep me in your heart, as I do with you.

Wagner College gave me amazing inspiration to find myself and meet professors and life-long friends who inspire me daily. There are many ways you can gain an education as I learned in my years at Wager!

Thanks to all the RENT friends I have made. Measure in love. We can always be grateful for Jonathan Larson’s lasting treasure. Thanks for all the RENT road trips!

Thank you, all the new friends I have made. I look forward to knowing you more and more (that DOES sound kind of creepy)


This year, remember those who are not as blessed and keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It’s important for us –as teachers, friends, parents, lovers, brothers, sisters,-you name it, to go out there and make a difference. Anything small can help. We can be the change.

Please have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving this year.

The best is yet to come,

Neal B

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First, what’s with everyone putting their baby picture on Facebook? Did I really miss THAT much when I got booted off?  ps sorry for my typos it’s almost 2AM. I am sure Julie the goddess of editing will let me know!

I have never done a blog and I want YOUR input!! I want this to be more interactive!  Trust me a few things are coming!  Well, I make no excuses for who I am or all the craziness I’m sure I have done. But I wanted to share somethings with you!
Well as shady pasts go…I’m sure I can think of a few things that  I wouldn’t want posted about -or at least now (But I will tell you one does involve a scandalous picture, the CVS photo center and my mom!!!)

But leaving that for now …ha ha! I did want to share a few things with you. . .

I do dabble in photography and I have done some pretty A-list (and F-List events). Here are some of my pictures:




Also I did a little stint at Fashion Week and a technology show!  This was my first time  interviewing and I was literally thrown in!  Click the pictures below for the hot mess ha ha!

Click the Picture for Video!

Click the Picture for Video!

Click Picture for Nerd Alert Video!

Click Picture for Nerd Alert Video!

Fashion Week 2009

Fashion Week 2009

Last thing I’ll torture you with is some poetry.  Though I haven’t done much recently I love to write.
Here are some excerpts through the years:


Love is like a roller coaster, and I’ve flown off a loop.
Now, what can I possibly do?
Thinking of the days when we were together,
Seemingly does not make me feel any better.

I laugh, I cry
-What do you expect?
I am hopelessly and utterly in love with the ex.

I don’t know how this could happen.
I don’t know how this can be.
I usually don’t like making my own misery.


All dressed up, I gazed into his eyes.

But my reflection I could not find.

A crooked smile on a beautiful face.

Looking so fair, still held his grace.

The laughter, and memories stemmed from our good times.

As I cried, thinking of his now vacant mind.

The tears loosened and began to fall.

After everything, this was my goodbye to him after all.

As they wheeled my memories away,

I know I will be with him again someday,

As quickly as he became my lover and friend.

He was gone – again.


Another day of nothing

Another day so blue

Turn back the hands of time

I’m not longer true

Just the other day, I was playing make believe

Now I make believe I’m something, out of this misery achieved

Another day to shut these eyes

Another day for my demise

Why can’t they see



We’re not “Generation X”,

“Generation XXX’” is more like it

Obsessed with outer beauty –guess, that’s the gist of it

Where’s my medal for honestly?

My frank openness -shouldn’t that count for something?

It’s so easy to hate yourself

And I’M the one here left with nothing

We are all in a hurry to grow up

Fast losing our youth: Babies booming faster than our childhood.

Let’s change the stereotype

Show them we have something to prove.

Change the bitter to the sweet

Nil to noteworthy

They’re all waiting for all to fall

It’s so easy for us to hate after all

As much as I like to be cool,  “in” instead of “out”

Everything seems to be passé, everything’s about clout

So don’t judge this book by its cover.

Although you may be dead on.

There’s more than meets the eye

Don’t prove me wrong.

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