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from the NY Daily News:

City restaurants will be required to post letter grades based on health inspections. They could look like this. Finding a clean restaurant will be as easy as ABC under a Health Department rule passed Tuesday.

Starting in July, eateries will be required to prominently post letter grades based on health inspections, under a measure the Board of Health passed, 6 to 2.

“The grade in the window will give you a sense of how clean the kitchen is, and it will give every restaurant operator an incentive to maintain safe, sanitary conditions,” said Health Commissioner Thomas Farley.

Restaurants that earn an A will be inspected annually while those that garner a C will be visited four times a year.

Restaurant owners argue that health officials want to embarrass them, as well as collect more fines for the city’s coffers. They are considering a lawsuit. (more…)

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Mexico City has become the first city in Latin America to legalise same-sex marriage.

The city authorities voted 39-20 in favour of the legislation, with five abstentions.

While civil unions exist in a handful of cities and states throughout South America, this is the first time equal marriage has been realised.

Mexico City has had civil unions since 2007, but same-sex couples were barred from certain marital rights such as adoption of children, joint bank loans, inheritance rights and inclusion in insurance policies.

Mexico City’s left wing mayor Marcelo Ebrard is expected to sign the bill into law. The bill will change the definition of marriage in the city’s civic code from “the union of a man and a woman” to “the free uniting of two people”.

Elsewhere in Mexico, same-sex marriage remains illegal.

Certain districts in Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina recognise same sex unions, with Uruguay being the only Latin American country to have civil unions nationwide.

In October, a bill was introduced in Argentina to legalise same-sex marriage nationwide, but the bill was blocked in court. It has since been referred to Argentina’s Supreme Court which has yet to hand down a ruling.

The Roman Catholic church in Mexico is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, but Mexico City legislators have hailed the new law as “historic”.

Victor Romo, a member of Mayor Ebrard’s Democratic Revolution Party told the Associated Press, “For centuries unjust laws banned marriage between blacks and whites or Indians and Europeans. Today all barriers have disappeared.”

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from www.reuters.com:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – This year has been the safest in New York City in more than four decades, with the murder rate down to levels not seen since the early 1960s, police said on Monday. (more…)

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from: http://www.queerty.com/americas-youngest-gay-mayor-evan-low-is-ambitious-driven-and-hot-20091202/


Now that homosexuals have spread their 2(x)ist briefs from every corner of this country, it’s getting harder and harder to be gay and have a first. Gerry Studds was the first gay U.S. congressman; Barney Frank was the first one to come out on his own (after much pressure). Dan Choi has the dubious honor of being President Obama’s first fired gay linguist. So, then, what’s so special about a guy named Evan Low? He just become the youngest gay mayor in America. (more…)

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From the NYDailyNews.com:

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch sits down with a Daily News reporter in his office to discuss Rev. Al Sharpton, President Obama, and, of course, his upcoming 85th birthday.

The Daily News’Heidi Evanssat down with formerMayor Ed Kochrecently at his law firm office in midtownManhattanas he gets ready to mark his 85th birthday on December 12th. (more…)

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