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from http://mygloss.com/buzz/2010/01/06/casey-johnson-funeral-sandra-bullock-makes-history-200-million-film-kathy-griffin-banned-cnn:

Sandra Bullock makes history!  Bullock’s hit movie  The Blind Side became the first movie in history to pass the$200 million mark with only one top-billed female star, according to PEOPLE.  The Blind Side earned $208.5 million in box office sales.

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From Eonline.com:


Usually when Sandra Bullock gets a makeover, it’s to become a beauty queen or some sassy Southern mom saving lives. But on Lopez TonightGeorge Lopez transformed America’s Sweetheart into a chola, which is kinda weird, we know. Now we gotta watch more often. Does he do this to all his guests?

Naturally, Sandy B. rocked the Sharpie brows and lip liner because, lets face it, she can do anything.

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