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Hey guys!

This is a great cause and I urge you to please go to this if you can.  Check out the video from last year’s red carpet!

Tickets here: https://www.hmi.org/SSLPage.aspx?pid=257

The Emery Awards, held annually, honor those individuals and corporations who exemplify Hetrick-Martin’s mission of providing a safe and supportive environment for all young people – regardless of their sexual orientation or identity as well as those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within our community.

Hosted by: Wendy Williams

Honorees: Arianna Huffington, Ryan Murphy (Creator of Glee) and Marc Ecko

Auction Host: Bethenny Frankel

Unconfirmed Special Appearances by: Cheyenne Jackson, Mary-Louise Parker, Robert Verdi, Heather Matarazzo, B.D. Wong and Andy Bell

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I was asked to write a little something for http://www.iwillbeokay.com/, so here it is (unedited):

I am sharing my story let anyone out there know –you are not alone. There have been a horrific amount of teenage suicides due to bullying. It just breaks my heart to know what those family members are feeling. No one should ever get to a point where they feel entirely helpless. I want to say to anyone out there feeling that way, take it as a learning experience to educate others. (more…)

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  • Joey Kemmerling says decision to reveal his sexual orientation triggered bullying at school
  • Coming out evoked a firestorm of vicious taunts and life threats, Joey says
  • Teen began a Facebook page for bullying victims to share their stories

Editor’s note: Bullying is in our schools, and it’s online. Why do kids do it? What can be done to put an end to it? Don’t miss an “AC360°” special report in collaboration with People magazine, “Bullying: No Escape,” all this week at 10 p.m. ET on CNN. (more…)

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There was no hair pulling but still an exciting night with former “The Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub at Boxers NYC in the city.  She was there to support Strengthen Our Sisters, a grassroots, community based, nonprofit, 155 bed shelter program serving homeless and battered women and children.  You can find out more information on the nights charity, Strengthen Our Sisters from their website at: http://www.strengthenoursisters.org.

I chatted with Danielle  to talk about her family, fans and, future!

Special thanks to Elisa S. and Sarah H.

Click photo for more event pictures!

Click photo for more event pictures!

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Cover your ears, because boy do we have a spoiler for you! Tom Emmer, the Republican who wants to be Minnesota’s next governor, and who Target is throwing its weight behind, doesn’t just want to keep marriage out of the hands of gays. Emmer also wants to keep bully protection from them too. (more…)

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Gay Dean Loses Her Job After Marrying Her Partner

A reminder that bigotry is alive and well even where gay marriage is legal: a popular dean of students has been forced to resign from a Massachusetts high school for marrying another woman. (more…)

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Three Iranian men are facing the death penalty for having gay sex when they were teenagers. (more…)

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We’re all used to Fox News giving a platform to some rather bombastic voices. Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Cal Thomas. The beat goes on, so to speak, with provocative voices that like to get a rise out of their audiences. (more…)

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I saw My Big Fat Gay Italian Wedding last night with the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!  It was for a great cause: a portion of the proceeds from the four RHONJ performances will benefit Marriage Equality New York, a group committed to securing the right to civil marriage for same-sex couples.


View More Pictures by clicking!

View More Pictures by clicking!

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While enjoying a bite to eat at a local diner, you overhear a waiter giving two women at the next table a hard time.

“Are you sisters?” he asks them. “Are your husbands joining you?”

At first, he just seems to be a nuisance but then he gets personal.

Oh, you’re lesbians?” he exclaims. “What about your kids? Don’t they need daddies?” (more…)

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