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Throughout the month of October leading up to the Equality March, we will be saluting people(s) who have made a positive contribution to the LGBT community.

Today we look at how the Broadway Community has helped to pave the way for equal rights for all.

Today it’s my privilege to present to you two Broadway stars and amazing talents, who were nice enough share their opinions on the Equality March.

Divine Vocal Powerhouse FRENCHIE DAVIS

website: http://www.frenchiedavis.org/

Frenchie Davis

Frenchie Davis

In her own words on why the Equality March should happen now


I am originally from Los Angeles…I am passionate about education, human rights, and music…partially because of how I was raised and mostly because of the personal convictions that I have developed as I’ve grown into a woman.

I think the equality issue strikes a chord in me for a number of reasons: my parents’ generation marched for all human beings to be treated equally just a few decades ago. I have a grandmother who had to leave home at a very early age because it was still illegal for blacks to be educated in her state and she wanted an education. I have a father who worked for Amnesty International for many years.

I have a [gay] best friend who I have known since I was 15 years old and he has ALWAYS been there for me. I have a friend who was kicked out of the house for being gay. I know what it’s like to be different and it has NEVER been my personality to keep quiet when I think that something is wrong. Even as a child I got put on time outs because I would openly disagree and I guess that all of those things combined have manifested themselves into activism for the

20 years from now, I would hope that people will look back feel a sense of pride in the fact that they stood
for something that they believed in. I also look forward to the bigots having their aha! moment because many of them will! I remember watchin an interview on tv with members of the Little Rock Nine (the first black students to desegregate little rock central highschool, 1957) and there was a moment during the interview that will always stick with me: they brought a woman on the show, who had been among those who didn’t welcome them warmly. She stood outside of the school on that day and protested and yelled and called them “N” words. She had come on the interview years later to apologize. She was so ashamed of herself.

I believe that many people who oppose equal rights will come around. Look at how Bill Clinton, in a recent
interview, has reversed his stance and he now supports equal rights.

People do better, when they know better….

BIO:  Frenchie Davis is known world-wide for her stellar vocals!  Whether it be as a favorite on American Idol, or on Broadway in the smash musical “Rent”, she always leaves her audience spellbound!

(Wikipedia.com) In 2004, Davis held the role of Effie in a West Coast touring production of Dreamgirls, which appeared in Sacramento, San Jose and Seattle, and later went to Pittsburgh, PA.

From August 3 to 19, 2007, Davis starred alongside Miche Braden and JMichael in the role of Mahalia Jackson in the Hartford Stage production of Mahalia, A Gospel Musical, written by Tom Stolz and directed byJeremy B. Cohen.

In 2008, Davis, along with Ruben Studdard, will be starring in the 30th anniversary national tour of the musical review Ain’t Misbehavin’. The show first appeared on Broadway in 1978 and ran for some 1600 performances. Cities are presently being booked, and the show should run through at least May, 2009

Her review in “Rent” from Entertainment Weekly:  ..time seems to stands still as her powerhouse voice swoops and soars with emotion. Her stage time may be limited, but her stage presence is still Idol worthy

From http://www.frenchiedavis.org/: In July 2009 Frenchie released a dance cover of the Shannon classic “Give Me Tonight” which takes this hit song to a whole new place and for a whole new generation. The song is getting an amazing reaction from the Billboard DJ’s and from Frenchie’s fans all over the world.

In the late summer of 2009 famed DJ/Remixer Tony Moran will be releasing Frenchie’s second dance single called “You Are” as a Cd single.

The word from Tony is that this song, is guaranteed to be a #1 song on the dance charts.

Frenchie is also in the process of starting to record her “debut” Cd, which will be a combination of the “classics,” “broadway” and a few new “original” songs.

Needless to say the sky is the limit for this amazingly talented lady with a “god given” voice from above…

Frenchie in "Rent" on Broadway

Frenchie in "Rent" on Broadway

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