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In a nutshell here are my reviews…

First I just turned on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and they do a spoof on “The Real Housewives” series! I love it!  Not only is he and his crew in drag but it’s actually shot exactly like Bravo would do it! Check it out on youtube or Hulu, NBC because it’s great.  I swear it’s more addicting the any “Real Housewives” show and you forget they are in drag!  A+

When American Idol ended last season and  Fox gave us a peak at Glee
, centered around a high-school and their love for singing.  But of course the all come with their differences and the stereotypical and non-stereotypical high-school characters.
PROS:  Heloooo! Broadway performers and talented ones,  undiscovered talent and huge ratings bring Broadway mainstream!  Great songs and inspired (especially the pilot episode).  It’s great to see a something that’s not tired!  Melding of current music and Broadway standards- LOVE IT!
CONS:  Fox has to learn this isn’t the Golden-Age of musical theatre, therefore we need BELIEVABLE-looking singing!  The lip synching is horrible and it takes away from the “reality” of the program.   The pilot was inspired, but now is Glee tired?  As an educator, I loved looking at the passion that the teachers and students shows, along with the politics that do  go on in schools.  Some of the plot lines just seem like they are trying too hard to create drama, instead of letting these characters realistically blossom.  Some of the song choices are way too unrealistic that kids that age could sing or would want to sing.  It feels like it doesn’t know wether is should be the next “High School Musical” or the next “90210”.  This COULD be an excellent show and right now it’s just good.  Some of the premises seem silly and I think if written it could really show more of what it’s like to be a teenager.  It could tackle more social issues and identity while being humorous and staying true to the characters.  I think the show just needs to find it’s heart.   B-

Britney’s new single “3”
is good. It’s always catchy, but I some of the lines I had NO CLUE what she was saying. Maybe it’s just my old age :).  She always has stayed campy and had great songs to dance to and sing.  While I think her ballads have so much heart, “3” is ok.  I love her but I do with she instead of just singing a “mainstream typical vanilla Britney song” (she sings it well!), try something else.  Artistic to survive have to reinvent themselves in one way or another.  I just wish instead she would put her heart out there a little more and let us in.  Catchy -yes.  But if I wanted to hear a snappy song sung by the mother of two, I would have invited the PTA over for cocktails!  I would love a  catchy song with more heart!  Circus was great!  Dig deeper and give us “sensational”, not a “standard”.   * Though I’m sure I’ll wind up LOVING this one the more I listen to it!.   C

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