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RENT does the Hollywood Bowl


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from http://gayrights.change.org/:

Target, practically everyone’s favorite discount retail store, is headquartered in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. But along with precious bodies of water, Minnesota is home to some pretty rabid anti-gay politicians and groups. Among them include Tom Emmer. And Target, it seems, is apparently filling  his campaign coffers with nearly $150,000. (more…)

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Justin Timberlake Will Be ‘Roger’ in RENT at Hollywood Bowl?

from BroadwayWorld.com:

BroadwayWorld.com’s West Coast Scoopers are telling us this morning that the buzz from the auditions for RENT at the Hollywood Bowl are saying that none other than pop-star and actor Justin Timberlake is director Neil Patrick Harris‘ top choice to play ‘Roger’ in the 3 night production.

The rumors aren’t totally out of the realm of possiblity as Timberlake is said to have enjoyed all three nights of girlfriend Jessica Biel‘s performance in GUYS & DOLLS at the

Hollywood Bowl last summer. (more…)

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EVERYTHING IS RENT – Rent: The Broadway Tour Closing – Pictures/Videos/Words

Rent Broadway Tour Closing Pictures Part One - Click to View!

Rent Broadway Tour Closing Pictures Part One - Click to View!

Rent Broadway Tour Closing Pictures Part 2 - Click to View





From WillingtoBeLucky.net:

It’s been an emotional weekend as we said Goodbye Love to the Rent Broadway Tour at its last stop in Sacramento. We’ve made friends from all across the world; Japan, Australia, Holland, France and of course, America.

We had a chance to thank the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show for its run. If you were able to tune in to our live stream from the stage door on Sat. (we had an impromptu session) and Sun., you saw some of the casts farewell messages to the fans.  I’ll be working on the final video over the next couple of days as I make my way North to Portland.

We (Neal B and I) felt that we should share our experiences from this weekend with all of you dedicated fans who couldn’t make the trip to NoCal to say farewell! We hope you enjoy our coverage and stay tuned for some great videos!

Thank you all for your support and again, hope you enjoy what we have in store!

Measure in Love.

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RENT: the Broadway Tour will be ending it’s run successful run Sunday, February 7, 2010 and be there LIVE AT THE STAGEDOOR! Watch live online!

Link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nealb-tv

Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 1 PM PST/4 EST

Neal B (www.NealB.tv) and Elisa Schneider (http://www.willingtobelucky.net/) will be live streaming from the stagedoor before RENT’s final matinee.

They will chat with fans, share favorite moments and maybe a few surprises!

Go to: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nealb-tv or http://www.NealB.tv and click the LIVE VIDEO FEED BUTTON.

Also check http://www.NealB.tv/www.NealBinNYC.wordpress.com for RENT Closing twitter updates, an interview with RENT: The Broadway Tour conductor David Truskinoff and lots more!


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SACRAMENTO – A group notorious for picketing various political events tied with the gay community as well as the funerals of deceased American soldiers will be making a pit stop in Sacramento and Davis this week. (more…)

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From http://www.queerty.com:


In Livingston, who ruined Sex and the City for nearly a season by playing whiny Jack Berger, is suing an anonymous Wikipedia authorwho keeps updating Livingston’s stub to say he’s not only A Gay, but A Gay who is dating someone named Lee Dennison. (more…)

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From yournabe.com:

Queens leaders and Council Speaker Christine Quinn (at podium) denounce a College Point hate crime during which a 49-year-old gay man was brutally beaten last weekend. Photos courtesy of William Alatriste/DCPI

Last week’s brutal beating of an openly gay College Point man has sent shockwaves through the community and led to the arrest of two men from the community who have been charged with hate crimes.

Jack Price, 49, who is openly gay, was attacked around 4:30 a.m. last Thursday as he walked home from picking up cigarettes at a 24-hour deli on College Point Boulevard at 18th Avenue, police said. Two men approached Price and began making anti-gay remarks before repeatedly kicking and punching him, police said.

Price managed to make it to his home, where he called police, and was then transported to Flushing’s New York Hospital Queens. He was listed in critical condition at the hospital, where he was being treated for a fractured jaw and ribs as well as a lacerated spleen, police said.

Daniel Aleman, 26, of 18-04 College Point Blvd., and Daniel Rodriguez, 21, of 5-02 115th St. in College Point, have been arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime and robbery in the incident, a spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison, she said.

Rodriguez was arrested Tuesday night in Norfolk, Virginia and waived his right to extradition, the spokeswoman said. He will appear in court Thursday.

Price’s neighbors described him as a kindly man who is always quick to help community residents in need.

“He always cooked a lot of food on the holidays and opened his doors for anyone who wanted to eat,” said Lilian Pesce, a former neighbor. “He’s a very nice person and didn’t deserve this. College Point is a safe place, but it’s not a good thing when a person can’t be safe because they are gay or black or Hispanic.”

A neighbor of Price who wanted to remain anonymous said she was mortified by the incident and that Price was targeted by his attackers because of his sexual orientation.

“These are very bad people who left him for dead,” the neighbor said. “This is disgusting what they did to him. He’s gay and this is a hate crime… it’s a gang, it’s a gang, it’s a gang. He didn’t bother anybody. If you need help, he’s always there for you.”

The neighbor said Price acted as a neighborhood handyman as well as a superintendent for several buildings.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan), who is openly gay, and Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) joined Council contenders Jimmy Van Bramer, Danny Dromm and Kevin Kim as well as a number of leaders from the city’s LGBT community at Booth Memorial Monday to denounce the attack.

“When someone is attacked for being who they are, and for being proud of who they are, there is no other explanation for that attack than hatred and bigotry,” said Quinn.

Dromm, a gay activist from Jackson Heights as well as a Democratic district leader, said the incident was the fourth time in 19 years a Queens man was nearly beaten to death for being gay.

“Once again, in Queens, a gay man has been brutally beaten simply because of who he is,” Dromm said. “This is deplorable. All righteous people — gay and non-gay — must speak out loudly against hate crimes because it is the only way to combat this type of violence.”

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