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Govt-backed gay bar fails to attract customers

From: http://www.chinadaily.com

The idea was simple: Set up a bar to attract gay men and then use it to distribute information on AIDS/HIV prevention.

The media loved the idea – but all the attention kept the gay men away. (more…)

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China city government opens gay bar to fight AIDS

From http://www.reuters.com:

BEIJING (Reuters Life!) – A Chinese city with one of the nation’s highest rates of AIDS has opened a government-funded gay bar in an outreach effort that has stirred debate over the use of taxpayers’ money. (more…)

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WHO: Ted Olson and David Boies are high-profile lawyers (who worked the Bush v. Gore 2000 opposing one another) representing two same-sex couples who were denied the right to marry.

WHAT: Olson and Boies are challenging proposition 8’s federal constitutionality and believe that it should be repealed. “This unequal treatment of gays and lesbians denies them the basic liberties and equal protection under the law that are guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution,” their suit states.

WHEN: January 11th, 2010 is the set date to begin (keyword=begin these court cases will not nearly be completed over night).

WHY: To finally work our way to full equality rights for all under the law one day at a time.

CONTROVERSY: Some say this is much too soon and that we need to enter the federal issue slowly (as in Brown v. Board, if he had went in any sooner than he did, he most likely would not have won the case). ACLU and other advocacy groups tried to intervene and prevent this lawsuit, unfortunately they were denied any intervention and the case is set to trial. The two prominent lawyers are confident it will pass, so since this is the direction our movement is heading we NEED TO support and back them up 100%!!


FACT: 70% of our nation was opposed to interracial marriage when Loving v. Virginia passed! It’s time to hold hands and hope our highest courts do the right and constitutional thing.

VIDEOS, LINKS, PHOTOS: Removed to public due to offensive images and unable to remove immediately (I wish I had that time ;), but i don’t) HOWEVER, please send me a message and I would love to post them!

“Federal courts are considering a challenge to Prop. 8 on the grounds that it violates the United States Constitution. EQCA strongly supports this case and has filed a powerful brief urging the court to overturn Prop. 8. The Obama Administration needs to join the fight and stop the abhorrent abuse of the initiative process to eliminate the rights of any targeted minority. I strongly encourage you to sign our petition asking the Administration to file a brief in support of this case, and ask your friends and family to sign it, too.” – EQCA

All of your comments are greatly appreciated, yes even the controversial ones. Do not respond like they respond… watch your words, you are all so much better than that! 🙂 I know you are!!
That is great thing about freedom of speech my friends– the reason the “not attending” list is hidden is because of all of the confusion that this event does not entail physical attendance and many people are not getting it… despite the fact that a glance at the details will tell you that 🙂 (Don’t believe me? Then why are there so many “maybes”? The number of undecided voters is nowhere near that ratio)
~ Any direct attack at a user (name-calling, threatening, etc.)
~ Any threats to individuals, small groups, and communities
~ Offensive slang terms about the LGBT community, particularly ones that start with an “F” and rhyme with MAGGOT!

Note that all of these are already violating FB terms of service and you WILL be reported!
Please notify me immediately because as much as I try to read each posted comment, I may not get to it in time.

Please message me if any individual comments violate any Facebook terms of use with the following: Name, Date & time of comment, and quote. Thank You.

More Info:



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Obama signs first major federal gay-rights law

From Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed the first major piece of federal gay rights legislation, a milestone that activists compared to the passage of 1960s civil-rights legislation empowering blacks.

The new law adds acts of violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to the list of federal hate crimes. Gay-rights activists voiced hope that the Obama administration would advance more issues, including legislation to bar workplace discrimination, allow military service and recognize same-sex marriages.

Congress passed the hate crimes protections as an unlikely amendment to this year’s Defense Authorization Act. In a signing ceremony in the White House East Room , Obama said that the gay rights protections represented a “long-awaited change” that would protect people who are victimized because of “who they love . . . or who they are.”

Legislation barring firms from firing employees on the basis of their sexual orientation could win passage in the House of Representativesby year’s end, gay-rights advocates said. More than half of U.S. states currently allow employers such freedom.

Obama has promised to push Congress to repeal the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy that prohibits being openly gay while serving. A Senate panel is expected to hold a hearing on that issue next month, and legislation could be debated next year.

Gay-rights activists also hope for repeal next year of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which would give federal legitimacy to gay marriagesrecorded in states that allow them.

The amendment signed into law Wednesday was named partly for Matthew Shepard , a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming who died after a 1998 beating targeting him because he was gay, and whose parents were instrumental in leading the fight for such legislation. The law also was named for James Byrd Jr. , a black Texas man dragged to his death in a racially motivated killing the same year.

The measure also extends protections to those attacked because of their gender or disability.

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Click to View my Videos!

Click to View my Videos!

Click the picture to see all the videos I took down at the National Equality March… including speeches by  Cynthia Nixon, Dustin Lance Black, Lieutenant Dan Choi, Lady Gaga,  Judy Shepard, the Broadway cast of Hair

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Cynthia Nixon, Judy Gold, Dustin Lance Black, Lieutenant Dan Choi, Gavin Creel, Kristin Chenowith, Lady Gaga, Jonathan Groff, Audra McDonald, Stephen Schwartz, Judy Shepard, Kate Shindle, the Broadway cast of Hair were among just the tiny people that came with the thousands of others!



Neal with Cynthia and Christine - CLICK PICT FOR MORE

Neal with Cynthia and Christine - CLICK PICT FOR MORE

I was on about almost no sleep and I trekked in from Staten Island after having an awesome reunion with my friends who came many different states!  I love my friends and we had a chance to watch a DVD I made for our bus and also from LGBT trivia.  I have to admit I was disappointed my friends didn’t make it. I know we all have different things going on in our lives, but I was especially surprised because their effects all of my friends.  Not one of them went for one reason or another.  I wish I had the support of my friends and it would’ve been nice to have had another hand to hold.  But I understand.

I arrive (wayyyy) early to where Broadway Impact (http://www.broadwayimpact.com/join-us/) had set a destination.  It was amazing to have celebrities give their time, and money to make sure there were FREE busses for anyone that wanted to march!

I arrive around 4am, and they busses didn’t start loading until about 5:30.  Eeek! So I walked around and I finally met some other marchers.  We were all in the same boat- tired but hyped on energy!

After many botched attempts to get onto a major highway, our bus driver FINALLY got us there taking local roads (the truth is, the tolls are extremely high and they did not want to pay them).

After the ride, which was filled with trivia, my video clips, music to pump us up and great fun getting to know each other –we were finally in Washington DC!!

Upon arriving there wasn’t much time to explore because it was time to get in line to march!

After finally finding (and losing) our companions, we ventured to where we would be starting the march.  On the way, we met an eclectic bunch of people.  It was amazing to see the moms, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, religious leaders and celebrities who came.

Once we get settled and had our fantastic BROADWAY IMPACT banner and signs –there was a buzz because there were so many celebrities filtered in with the masses.  We were told Lady Gaga would be marching with us and to make sure things didn’t get crazy.  Aside from being an incredible moment, it was so cool that celebrities we be taking time from their busy schedules to join us!

As we were getting repositioned, I glanced over and realized we were going to marching not with Lada Gaga after all! Instead, we had the opportunity to march with two amazing people – comedienne extraordinaire Judy Gold and Emmy award and “Sex and the City” favorite Cynthia Nixon!  I was stunned and of course being a HUGEEEEE Sex and the City fan I was blown over!  We march with the cast of Hair and MANY of Broadway’s elite (including Jerry Mitchell, Steven Schwartz)

Marching all over Washington DC, it felt like a movie.  WE were changing things.  I heard great stories about how cool Lady Gaga was to march with as well.

When we got to the rally an incredible feeling came over all of us.  I happened to sit next down next to Cynthia Nixon’s family.  I was in awe of how amazing their family was.  They were so full of love and when Cynthia got up to speak, her family boosted with pride.  I couldn’t help myself, I went over and Christine, Cynthia’s partner, to tell her what an amazing family they had and how it was so great to have such powerful role models like them in the LGBT community.  They truly are the way a family should look.  She was appreciative.  I also thanked Cynthia politely as well.  Throughout the day, they were littered with fans from all over.  Not once did she say “no” about getting in a picture.  After the rally they bought Broadway Impacts dozens of pizzas.  I was so touched by the generosity of not just her but of all the people involved to make this happen.

Over the course of the day, the rally contained the speakers from all over, gay, straight, old and young, notable and people who will be any day now.  The trip back was exhausting but we all shared our pictures, Facebooks and experiences of how we were a part of something BIG.

It truly was a special day.

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Throughout the month of October leading up to the Equality March, we will be saluting people(s) who have made a positive contribution to the LGBT community.

Already, I have looked at Ryan Janek Wolowski, Randy Wicker, the Broadway community, Frenchie Davis, Jerry Mitchell, Brandon Teena, 9 year-old Ethan McNamee, Cleve JonesMarti Cummings from BroadwaySpeaksOut.com , Harvey Milk, Ellen DeGeneres and Matthew Shepard and his family.

OCTOBER 9, 2009



Neal & Michael Musto - 2009 - Click for more MIchael!

Neal & Michael Musto - 2009 - Click for more MIchael!

I was lucky enough to meet his on various occasions and he is such a sweetheart! He is so busy and he made time for the blog!

As if you don’t KNOW!!!

His next book, “Fork on the Left, Knife in The Back” comes out on Alyson
Books in February. It’s a collection like his last one (“La Dolce Musto”), but with some original material.

Perez Hilton gave him  a quote for the book:
“Michael Musto is god!”

The Brilliant and Witty Michael Musto

The Brilliant and Witty Michael Musto

Michael Musto is an American writer who began his professional career at The Village Voice, where he writes the weekly La Dolce Musto celebrity and gossip

He is a recurring guest on several TV shows including Countdown with Keith Olbermann and others on the E! channel. He is
openly gay and is published regularly in several gay publications, including Out Magazine and ShowPeople. He appeared in Cyndi Lauper‘s single “Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)“, and as a reporter in the film Garbo Talks.

Musto was named Best Gossip Columnist in a poll conducted by nycsidewalk.com, and in 2002, a UPI profile of Musto called him “one of the wittiest stylists in the English language”. Musto is also known as the author of articles in the Village Voice that cited rumours about the murder of AngelMelendez. The result of this and subsequent publications by Musto regarding the murder brought to attention a case in which police were otherwise uninterested and resulted in the trial and conviction of Michael Alig and Robert “Freez” Riggs.

– – – –

In His Own Words. . .


I am the entertainment columnist for the Village Voice, which involves covering
nightlife, movies, theater, politics, and anything else I’m interested in. I am
deeply attracted to all the types of culture that make New York tick, so my
column is a dizzying whirl of my experiences in all those arenas, told with a
strong first-person touch and lots of humor.

I’m from Brooklyn, a shy only child who grew up to live a dream life.


I grew up with a lot of lies and evasions in the air. No one talked about
gayness back then. If they did, it was only as a sickness and a sin. All the b.s and the cloaking in secrecy made me angry and inspired
me to feel the closet is our worst enemy. All the bigotry also made me despise the inequality we face. Americans deserve equal rights. All Americans. That always struck me as a no-brainer.


It was very different. I knew I was gay, but didn’t know what to do about it. There were no TV shows about it, no out icons, no representation in the media. It seemed like a shameful thing that you had to keep secret. Thank God I moved to Manhattan, because I eventually found out there was a booming, vital life you could have as an out gay.


Hopefully it will become another historic landmark, like the Stonewall rebellion in 1969. It will be considered a massive, vocal organized effort that
called for change and (fingers crossed) got it.

We’ve come a long way, but there’s still so much to fight for, so now is the right time to go for broke and demand total equality, not just dribs and drabs. The passing of Prop 8 was a big impetus. A lot of activists realized they hadn’t been organized enough to battle that properly and horrifically enough it snuck through. That won’t happen again.


Be grateful. You have way more rights, visibility, and icons to look up to than past generations. When I grew up, gay marriage and other rights were not
discussed–no one would waste his breath on something that seemed so off the radar. So enjoy being a gay in the new world. Its fab
to be you! But don’t become complacent and assume you’ve got it all. Keep fighting.

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