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Pip Willcox, digital editor at the Oxford digital library with 1611 quarto edition of Hamlet.

In an ordinary room off a beige corridor in a dull 1930s Oxford building, four priceless early editions of Hamlet lie thrillingly open on a large round table that once belonged to John Ruskin.


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Only three years ago, The New York Times scrapped its paid digital content service TimesSelect, after it failed to bring in significant revenue. With rumors swirling since last summer about a similar move happening again, the news giant finally confirmed that it would implement a paid content model — set to roll out in 2011. (more…)

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The two faces of Twiggy at 59: How airbrushing in Olay ad hides truth of the skin she’s in

It recently emerged that  was again to be the face of anti-ageing cream Olay, 25 years after she first won the job to become the fresh new face of one of the biggest beauty brands.

Yet pictured in a natural state a few weeks shy of her 60th birthday, Twiggy, who is often referred to as the original supermodel, showed she does in fact age just like the rest of us.

Out on a grocery shop to her local London Marks and Spencers, a brand she also promotes, she appeared to be the age of, well, a woman of 59.

With slight jowls and only hairline wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, Twiggy does indeed look good for her age.

However she bares very little resemblance to pictures, apparently of her, recently distributed to advertise Olay, whose catchphrase is ‘Love the skin you’re in.’

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