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from People.com:

BUZZ: Russell Brand and Katy Perry Engaged?Talk about musical-comedy: Word is circulating that comedian Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry reportedly are engaged, through the story remains unconfirmed.

Adding fuel to the flame, Perry, 25, Tweeted around 1 a.m. New York time from Thailand on Wednesday an oblique reference to an Alanis Morrisette lyric: “So when do I start walking the streets naked singing that Alanis song?” (more…)

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Last week, I was fortunate to attend an amazing event to benefit the Trinity Place Shelter.  PLEASE VISIT THE SITE, Donate your time, food, -whatever!   Trinity Place Shelter is a non-sectarian, 10-bed transitional shelter that is open all year to provide LGBTQ youth with a safe place to sleep, eat, store belongings, and have access to transportation. Special thanks to my buddy Liz Silver at rPulse.com!

There were some top comedians!! Click the picture below to watch the video!

Click to "Laugh Out Loud"!

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