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From http://tv.yahoo.com/

Online Facebook groups may have failed to remove television personalities — such as Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann — from the air, but one group appears to have succeeded in returning one beloved actress to television: Betty White just might be hosting “Saturday Night Live.” (more…)

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from http://www.comedycentral.co.uk:

A Big ‘No’ to Friends: The Movie a big ‘no’ to friends: the movie

Digital Spy has learnt that both former Friends stars Lisa Kudrowand Courtney Cox have never been approached to feature in a movie version of the highly successful sitcom.

The stars, speaking to The AP, compared the show to Sex and the City which has since benefited from a leap into the movie world: “Sex and the City was already filmic. It was a single-camera show that was like a half-hour movie every week, anyway. Our show was multi-camera in front of an audience,” Kudrow said.

She went on to add: “Whenever movie versions of those types of shows have been done, they’ve been sort of satirical. Maybe in ten more years, other people will play us and make fun of it.”

We can kind of see her point – just look at Bewitched

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