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New Site Address - http://www.Nealb.tv

New Site Address - http://www.Nealb.tv

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from http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b160133_u2_tops_2009_tour_list_over_boss_elton.html:


That little band from Dublin posted another stellar year of ticket sales, with U2‘s box-office take totaling $123 million, according to the concert-sales gurus at Pollstar. Taking the top spot wasn’t even much of a competion, with Bono and the boys besting the Boss by around $30 million. Rounding out the top 10 after Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band were Elton John/Billy Joel, Britney Spears, AC/DC, Kenny Chesney, Jonas Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac & Metallica. And despite the down economy, grosses for 2009 were reportedly up over the previous year. Rock on.

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I wish everyone a HAPPY and SAFE New Year!

Thanks guys for making 2009 so special to me!

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from BBCNews.com:

Countries around the world are beginning to hold celebratory events to welcome in 2010.


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From Yahoo.com:


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Happy Holidays

Las Vegas Graphic  Design: Happy HolidaysSeasons Greetings from KSIB!

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  • Heroes and Villains… A World AIDS Day Reaction
  • World AIDS Day: How Far We’ve Come…and Still How Far There is to Go
  • Google, Twitter call attention to World AIDS Day
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    Sorry for all the grammar inaccuracies…I wanted to get this up STAT!!!


    Yay Us! Click for More Pictures

    Yay Us! Click for More Pictures



    – Max ATE dozens of candy and the wrappers
    – I officially became a fan of Arrested Development (Thanks Darla and Renee!)

    – I decided “intense” and “making it happen” NEED to be in my vocab
    – Many sports announcers are tools

    -Carm the cat in a sexy French maid outfit!

    What a celeb-style Halloween weekend!

    It started Friday….

    ON THREE HOURS OF SLEEP… I decided to trek into the city to see the new Will Ferrell movie being filmed.  Elisa, my awesome film and theatre friend from the Equality March, came with me.  She’s a trooper!  I woke up at 6am and we met at Port Authority a little before 9am.  Who knows what time she had to get up!  She’s the best!  We used our resources to subway down to where the movie was filming.  After hours of stalking, waiting, food, pictures and of course, complaining, finally we were able to catch the stars of the movie!  What was cool was we were the ONLY fans for the most part there.  We were definitely the only people waiting since 9am.

    Since it was only October 30th (ha ha!) I figured it may be a good idea to grab a Halloween costume.  We ventured a little before noon to Patricia Fields, who you know I LOVE!  It was amazing because not only was I able to find something stellar (and cute!) but I was FINALLY able to meet Julie –who is one of Pat Fields amazing staff members!  She hooked up me with all the Wendy Williams loot and she could not have been cooler!  Love her!

    So after that we went back to the set.  We FINALLY saw Will Ferrell and Mark Walhberg!  Both look the same in person.  They were very busy BUT nice, especially Mark!  We blew our chances of getting pictures with them before we were too shy.  By the time we wanted to ask it was too late!  My Lord and Taylor bag broke and I had to carry around ALL my hair gel (if you know me is a lot), costumes, clothes and everything else in a ripped bag.  NOT COOL.  By Elisa said whenever she sees a Lord & Taylor bag she’ll think of me!

    After that I made my way to my friend Renee’s new apartment.  Not only was it her first Halloween party there, it was the first time many of us had been there.  It was sort of a house-warming party too, if you will.  I was put in charge of putting up decorations.  Renee’s friend Darla was there, so we put up some decorations and tried not to drink the jungle juice and candy.

    I haven’t drank (like hardcore!) in a while, so I knew going in I was going to be INTENSE.  The night was filled with great people who are my closest friends and new friends who were just as funny and sweet.  I wound up dancing and being silly most of the night.  The party was a HUGE success (I’m sure thanks to my stellar decorating! Ha ha!)  I finally got to bed around 5am.  Renee fell asleep with her computer on in front of her!  Too cute! Renee is the best!  The hostess with the mostess!  SIDENOTE FOR ME:  Don’t talk about heavy topics at a Halloween party when you’re drunk –especailly to poor Angelo who was nice enough to tell me to shut up!  Also I decided it was be cool to put on red face paint.  Why?  WHO  THE F KNOWS!!??
    Saturday I had planned to go home or watch “This Is It”.  Darla and Renee were going to a pub crawl and I didn’t want to overstay my welcome!  We went for breakfast (more like lunch since it was around 1pm ha ha) to this amazing crepe place.  I ran into Helena who I had met when Sex and the City 2 was filming!  Small world! Turns out she works there.  It was so great to see her again!  What a sweetheart!  She was like a warm light to help cure our hangovers!   Being old, I got ready to pack up.  Darla insisted I should come with them to the pub-crawl.

    I barely survived staying up and not being on any sleep!  No way was I going out.  But Darla gave me the puppy eyes and said she felt embarrassed in her costume and wanted another person to give her support.  Darla was going as lipstick and she was getting tired of getting “are you tampon?” “are you a Demon?”  How could I say no to freak’n LIPSTICK!!!  So I sucked it up and here we go again…

    We only went to four pubs throughout the night, and we went to an amazing Bulgarian bar.  It was downtown and the best place of the night.  Every walk of life was there, great drinks and Darla new everyone.  She was like a celeb-sighting! The night got better and better including going Trick or Treating and Dunk’n Donuts (the worker felt so embarrassed to us!), dancing, FREE cheese fries, trying international liquor, walking around the city and seeing 1,000 Lady Gagas.  By far our friend Shiran looked the BEST!

    I got accosted at our last bar where a guy in the mask came up and forced me to dance with him.  Not ONE word.  I don’t even know if he spoke English!  Then he tried to casually stick his greasy tongue down my throat.  So I had to call in the girls for reinforcement.  If you’re reading this random guy NOT COOL.  And you were NOT HOT!  Also Darla and Renee were fortunate to have their fair share of weirdos too!

    The night ended with us back at Renee’s again and yet again falling asleep to Darla trying to give me an introduction to Farmville.  We made “I’m sorry” videos for Angelo also!


    Woke up to the crashing of the crowd from the NYC Marathon.  I know I am the ONLY hater, but the crowd was so loud outside Renee’s apartment I felt like they were in bed with us! We got up and decided to continue our party ways.  We went out to lunch and then came back and interviewed random people to ask them what they though on current issues, fashion, and random questions.  LOVVVVVED IT!!!  I was surprised on how Renee and Darla had no inhibitions about going out and making an ass out of themselves.  Another memorable event from such a fantastic weekend!  We came in and like school girls giggled while watching the footage.  I swear it’s my favorite movie!

    We spent the rest of the day saying we were going to drink more, clean and for me, go home, but we wound up sleeping and watching great reality tv.

    It’s hard to put into words or even pictures what a terrific weekend this was.  So happy I met such great peeps along the way and had a blast with my best friends all weekend!

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